Wednesday, 1 September 2010

ragging !@!$#@%$%$#

first post of 2010 ! .. phew :) .. ok .. lets get back .. after yet another brief oblivion, my blog is back baby !! ..

btw .. first thingz first .. congrats to Mr. Mythalez ( aka rama ;) ) for completing his FOUR years of UK life .. I believe that might be the reason he went mad in his previous post :P ..

Anywayz .. I have been listening about some ragging issue in the campus (atleast, thts the latest buzz) .. Is it just me or anyone else finding "jeevan vidya" having an ill effect on senior-junior relationship? .. I haven't heard any of the ug98-2k4 batches complaining about ragging! .. we actually had a very nice time during those "interaction" sessions .. u get to learn a lot more than u can ever imagine.. I believe that ragging within a limit is always fun .. but that limit depends on the junior ofcourse .. its upto the senior to guage a junior's threshold ..

In any case, one thingz for sure .. a freshman who complains about "ragging" will find the same reason silly once he/she becomes a sophomore .. I see this happening year after year after year in the campus ..

P.S: btw .. "coprophilia" based videos are disgusting :P ..

Saturday, 10 October 2009

the one with social drinking...

last saturday, six of us went to "thank god its friday" .. in short, "TGIF" in cinemax at around 7:30 PM .. I guess most of us know that its famous for "social drinks" .. I must say that I was quite surprised to see a low crowd, given its a weekend.. good thing was that we got a corner table immediately :D ..

Everytime I order a social drink, I try out something new .. So, I went ahead with long island iced tea this time.. But something went wrong (may be I had it a bit 2 fast) and I was "half drunk" by the time I completed consuming it. I knew what I was talking/doing but wasn't in total control of the situation :)) .. I turned a bit wild and did a few things which I don't feel good about ;) ... I think alcohol consumption brings out the wildness inside you (which might be either for good/bad but nevertheless u feel like in a different world altogether) ..

We then played tennis doubles on Wii (yes, playstations and Wiis are present in the ground floor) using Wiimotes .. Wii was a nice experience and by the end of it, everyone was back to normal state :) ..

P.S1: Long island iced tea rocks ..

P.S2: pyramids in TGIF is just a fancy name for samosas ..

Sunday, 16 August 2009

The one with "convocation"

After celebrating a very good independence day, I was expecting some bloopers during the convocation today to wrap up this week .. but to my surprise, looks like the "dress code" was not that bad after all :P ...

Though I was not a part of the convocation "directly" by receiving a degree (which btw was the same case last year), I did njoi the sighting of "flying caps" ... so, there we (dualites) were, in the audience section ..

It all started with breakfast in yukthaar where I actually decided to attend the convo.. though I wasnt interested in attending it, I decided to show up since I knew quite a many fellow juniors and had to wish them "all the best" and "congratulations" for one last time ( dunno when they will meet again in life ) ...

The degree awarding ceremony went the same old way and was wrapped up by 10:30 or so .. After meeting almost everyone I knew, I jumped back into my chair for the convo address ..

We had such a frustrating time with Dr. Raj reddy's speech .. gosh !! I doubt if it was audible beyond the first few rows .. We had absolutely no idea what we were clapping for !! ..

Dr. Kasturi Rangan gave the convocation address but it was such a disappointment .. ppl had absolutely no idea what he was talking about .. he went on with some text/literature which I doubt if anyone present there knew ..

So, here we are, done with yet another convocation .. The best part was ppl replacing the usual caps with "kanduva" and throwing them into the sky after they were declared graduated ( we never expected that :)) ) .. so, finally, congratulations to all the graduating students once again [:)] .. wish u all the best in life [:)] ..

P.S1: special congratulations to poori and abhi for gold medals :)

P.S2: yup .. 3 of the dualites made it to this convocation out of 65 :P ..

P.S3: hoping that mera number next year ayega :D ..

P.S4: love aaj kal - "mein kya hoon" is excellent ..

P.S5: Nice show by 1st years on independence day ..

P.S6: And the record of attending the function after "flag hoisting" still holds for 6 yrs in a row :D ..

P.S7: yeah .. Dravid back into the team :D ..

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Relapsing blogger community !!

Its been a long time since I wrote my last post !! But, here I am, finally back to blogging :-D ..

A few points to be noted from the blogroll:

I. Got bored of the same 'thesis' posts by rama :P ..

II. Ankit's cheap take to increase his "TRPs" :P ..

III. Come on shiben, we need more GAME from you :D

IV. Where are the IV, Halley, NIR and of course not to mention "The ghost runner" ..

V. SMR, we need you back to the blogging sphere :D, we seriously miss ur awesome blog ( yeah yeah .. he is back in college ) ..

VI. Have to applaud Makrand for his excellent stories ..

VI. Any plans to revive IIITBUZZ ??

Apart from the above, a heck lot of things r happening with the institute these days (this part is for all those 'alumni' creatures living away from the college :P) ...

1. No YSR/his speech this time for the convocation :))

2. You guyz should have already known about the dress code :P

3. IIIT participated in 5th round of counselling

4. No jeevan vidya week this time .. Instead a new course called "search for a human society" is being offered :)) ( I guess all the telugus remember 'anukokunda oka roju' )

5. The college threw a lavish party to all the corporate folks, but none still came forward for the donations .. So, high fees for quite some time to come

6. UGC committee hailed IIIT-H to be the best they have seen so far in India ( dunno if this is for good/bad ) .. and recommended others to follow us ( I guess the same old dictatorship continues :)) ) ..

7. I guess the GALS : BOYS ratio has increased drastically this year .. Is this an anomaly or a sign of what is to come in the near future ? :P ..

PS1: Relapse - beautiful rocks :)

PS2: For how long has IIIT-H been listed at #1 in SPOJ ?? .. I badly need the answer ( has to go into the convocation address it seems )

PS3: We badly need to revive the CS community in the college .. The tradition of producing some very good GAMERS is coming to an end ..

PS4: ICE AGE - 3 is awesome ..

PS5: The most annoying Q: Which year are you in ?? .. A: 6th yr :( ... anywayz, we CVITians need not take it seriously since its taken for granted as per the tradition :P ..

PS6: Some one please update the authorities with the statistics.. they still think the "normal" ppl will leave in 5 yrs :)) (as per the orientation prog.) ...

PS7: I suppose this is the longest take on PSs after a loooong time :D ..

Saturday, 4 October 2008

A trip to techvista @ chennai ..

I am trying to focus only on techvista in this post. Will write another one on "racha" happened in the trip :) ..

As many of you know, ppl were notified just 3 days ahead of the event. So, we had to come up with new ways of reaching chennai :D .. Techvista was on Oct 1st and we started for chennai on Sep 30th morning :)) .. the plan was hyd -> vijayawada -> chennai.. I expected the bus journey to be bit boring where ppl wud like to sleep but it went the other way .. Had a lot of fun playing DumbC where a movie called "kondapalli raja"( a telugu movie) was guessed by showing avinesh :)) ( he is called konda :P) .. reached Vij. station and here is whr Bava (pradeep rajiv) showed his true colors :P .. he dressed like a school boy and behaved in the same fashion 2 :P .. boarded the train to chennai, played dumbC again and reached the city @3:30 AM in the morning, not the best of times to reach a relatively unfamiliar city :) ( I know the places but not the language :D ) ..

We had a "morning" walk arnd the station to find out an ultimate ( I am trying to be sarcastic here) staying place called "geetalayam" .. tht place cant be forgotten for a long time .. a lot of events tuk place thr, whr the receptionist's logic redefines Physics and questions Faraday's n Newton's laws to its core .. freshened up and reached CTC (chennai trade center) @guindy on time..

courtesy: Bhanu kiran's cam

Have to say tht the crowd in any of the events @ hyd will behave in a much dignified way .. pre-lunch session consisted of a few talks followed by a doubt session. By the time, tht session is done, long queues were formed at every counter .. joined a relatively smaller queue but due to some awesome event management, stayed at the same place in the queue for 1/2 hr :)) .. by the time we sighted fud, it was almost at the bottom of the vessels ..

The talks were awesome and there were some really big names @ the event like hopcroft, shafi goldwasser, Shree nayar, etc...

courtesy: chetan's cam

There were some awards presented to "best posters" present in the event. 5 fellowships have been awarded to different grad students. After the concluding talk, we came out with "tired" faces :D ..

Monday, 15 September 2008

CS in a lab !

In the mean while, Prof. Y enters the lab to check wht Mr.X is doing (Mr. X is playing CS) ..
Mr. X turns around !!
Prof. Y takes a luk @ the score ..

this cartoon is sketched only using free hand ( text boxes are edited using photoshop ) ..

Saturday, 13 September 2008

My first serious post !!

Well .. to start of .. I have never been a blogger myself but I did read and follow all the 'active' blogs in smr's blogroll over the past few years of my stay in IIIT .. this is the first serious post from me after my initial "hello world" post :D .. so, I expect people to cheer up for me ;) and encourage me to write new posts every now and then :D ..

So, to start of, a few people have taken the initiative of reviving the "bloggers community" in the college. We have celebrated the 30th of AUG as IIIT-H bloggers day (unfortunately I cudnt attend it due to convocation time :D). The blogging community in the college has been dying down over the past few years and I myself was very sad to see the number of updated posts to be as low as 1 per day on average :( .. now a days, its very heartening to see atleast 2-3 blogs being posted per day :)

The past few days or rather weeks have been very very busy. I hear people saying that they know what their thesis problem statement is. But I don't think that way will work out for me :D .. I think in my case, its just "keep moving forward !!" .. keep working on some interesting topics and just before I want to submit a thesis, I will come to know what my thesis statement is :)) .. anywayz .. gradually the hope of graduating in an year is vanishing :)) (which is common among CVITians :P) .. ofcourse, I haven't worked much this summer but will definitely cherish many moments of this summer for a life time :) and I hope a few of those will continue all through ..

Research has been and will be my primary interest but I want to clarify one thing to all those who still think I am going to pursue higher studies. The fact is I AM NOT GOING FOR A DOUBLE MS or PHD !! I will be very much happy to get out with a masters from IIIT-H though. I really dunno what I have planned to do if I don't complete my masters by the end of 5th yr .. Lets c what the future holds ..

Coming to a small conversation between X and Y ( X is a parent and Y is a student whoz studying in IIIT-H), which I think is funny but looking in another angle, its an issue to ponder upon ..

X: So, Where do u study ?
Y: IIIT .. doin MS by research

X: What is it ?? I know MS which is done in america. What is this MS ??
Y: Its the same MS which you have heard about but its masters by research which is different from masters by course

X: So, you did not go to US for your higher studies !! ( gives a wierd look at Y pitying that his life is wasted !!)
Y: Dont worry !! Its much better than MS by course which many people opt for to pursue in "the" US and is on par with MS by research which is offered in many famed US universities ..

X: Heard that there is some corruption going on in IIITs and a few seats are getting reserved ( he did not know that AP-IIITs were different from IIIT-H) .. how far is it true ?
Y: Nope .. No idea ..

Thats it !! I think I have written enuf for the first post !!